Q1 – How to order from us?
A: First of all, please send your inquiry with the specified product items and quantities to sharon.li@landmarkchem.com for quotation. We would reply within a few hours. After we confirm the order, payment details will be sent to you. Once payment is received the order is requested of the factory immediately; the entire process of packaging the order and passing it to the relevant courier takes roughly 48 hours time in total. However, because of Time Zone differences you are instructed to wait 72 hours before requesting Tracking Information. We are renowned for using very advanced packaging methods and so you may order in total confidence, if you have any questions on the safety of delivering to your country please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q2 – Which payment can we take?
A: We accept as follows: Western Union, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, MoneyGram.

Q3 – How safe is it to purchase from Landmark?
A: Steroid powders are not considered a legal priority for any Country and seizures will simply result in a seizure notice, this is consistent for almost all order sizes that would be processed via this website. The worst case scenario is that your order is seized by customs, in which case we will be able to reship under our relevant reshipment policy.

Q4 – What is the minimum order?
A: Normally, our minimum quantity is 50 grams for each item, but we also accept small order less than 50 grams for some high value items. More details please contact Sharon for further communication.

Q5 – Why shoud I buy raw powders instead of finished vials?
A: When you are buying finished steroid from an underground lab, you will not know exactly how safely are they producing the products. Did they use clean equipment? Did they use sterile filters? Are they even using the correct size of filter? If you buy finished steroid from an underground lab without using sterile equipment, it will cause you to get a severe infection. When you make it yourself, there is no question.

Q6 – Do you have any reshipment policy?
A: Yes, we do have reship policy. Due to the customs conditions are different from countries to countries, some are going smoothly while some are strict, the reship policies will be different from countries to countries. We are also trying our best to increase the pass rate with the most proper shipment and discreet packing. Hope you can understand.