The Main 6 Problems of Bulking

No matter how hard you train, can not increase muscle and weight.

This is perhaps one of the most common problems, some body lean, have also been put in the effort before, but with little effect. Someone is probably metabolism faster than others, but most of problem is, with typical of “increased muscle households” integrated syndrome, this integrated syndrome has two main reasons:

  • Lack clear target–“I only want to be big” this is not a clear target.
  • Lack action –get the recommend that should “eat more”, it is reluctantly to do everytime , just because fear of fat (target inconsistent)

Solutions: clear direction and move out

If you want to get better results, you must have clear and definite goals. For most trainers, they want to gain muscle, but eat as a bird, which will not have the energy for muscle growth.

The most simple way is to add 1-2 spoonfuls of protein powder to your diet (more needed to increase muscle powder) and add 3 spoons of peanut butter or 3 handful of nuts per day, and you need more staple food additionally.It will make you increase 500-700 calories a day or more, if you stick on for one month and still no increase in weight and muscle, otherwise, you have problems with training or you are not working hard enough.


Get too much fat because of bulking.

The most common problem during bulking is to be fat. The stomach is getting a little bit fat then stop your plan, start cardio everyday. It usually leads to be the first problem. Excessive calories are allowed during any bulking cycles(and this is also necessary). Although there will be a little fat, but the amount of muscle will also be obvious increased. So how to cut the amount of fat while maximizing the weight to maintain it?

Solutions: protein, time, HIIT, clean up the diet

In the process of increasing the muscle while keep the body fat being low, requires a series of different strategies.

  • Protein – re-adjust the protein structure, it will be a better choice for additional calories.
  • Time – it is better to train between lunch and supper.
  • HIIT – not too much aerobic, and more HIIT, arranged twice a week aerobic, 2-3 times HIIT.
  • Clean up the diet – to avoid junk food and processed foods appear in your diet, such as biscuits, potato chips and so on.


The muscle begin to lose when cutting.

You have successfully gained good muscle, look strong a lot, and now you start cutting, but the problem you may happen is that the whole muscle mass began to lose, slowly come back to the early stage, you may have experienced a number of such repeated process. Many people is on a diet in order to lose weight and doing a lot of aerobic and a variety of sit-ups. Finally you may get six abs through such training , but a lot of muscle loss to the previous efforts in vain.

Solution: Protein & slow down

If you want to cut your fat, also want to keep muscles that you get through hard work, the following are the two most important tips.

  • Increase protein intake – When you start exercising your diet, you need to add more protein to protect your muscles.
  • This is a marathon rather than a sprint race – as the second question says, it is necessary to ensure moderate fat during the process of increasing the muscle, while in the cutting cycle, it needs time around 12 weeks. In the meanwhile focusing on strength training, especially the large muscle group of compound movement, as well as high-intensity aerobic exercise, to avoid over-training.


Local muscle can not get growth.

You are training day after day, hope that the various parts of the body could get the best results, but part of your body can’t grow. Even if you have all the effective “attack”, it is still the case. At that time, maybe the best thing you can do is to stop training.

Solution: Reassess

A brief stop training allows you to re-evaluate yourself about the actions, the frequency, and the intensity of muscle training. Most of the trainers are engaged in localized differentiation training, once a week for each movements, so you should consider whether the frequency once a week is not enough to stimulate muscle growth, including training movements.

Because the muscles have a strong ability to adapt, you train with the same plan for a long time, the muscles have been adapted it, so consider changing the action to get a new growth breakthrough.


No changes in shape except great strength.

Get great strength growth, every two months will break the personal strength of the results, but the muscles can not see any changes, although you have got both of them, but there will be such problems if the method is wrong, .

Solution: consider from different perspectives.

Muscle growth and strength are inseparable, but for the different objectives, the structure of the training arrangements will be slightly different:

  • Increase the number of training – reduce the weight, the number of completion in the range of 8-12 times
  • Keep the lower body fat – keep the body fat at a lower level, helping the muscles to be clearer
  • Balanced development – although you can make a significant increase in the strength of movement, but balanced development is essential, symmetrical shoulder, back, chest, legs, core, arm visually help you gain a lot.

I can not see my abs clearly.

For most people, the abdomen is the part with a lot of fat, it is also the most difficult to cut fat, the most troublesome area, there is no way to specifically remove a certain part of the fat, it should be only gradually reduced with long-term workout.

Solution: perseverance

The only real solution to the problem of abdominal fat is to rely on the correct fat reduction strategy, Persist and persevere, cutting the more fat when the more likely to reveal the abdominal fat, in order to cut fat quickly and improve efficiency, following the below points:

  • HIIT – metabolic rate is a major factor in maintaining fat content, the metabolic rate will be changed with your age and lifestyle, high-intensity intermittent training will get a high metabolic rate throughout the day. It will also provide help if you move every few hours.
  • Muscle – muscle is not like fat, it can make metabolic active, the more muscle, the higher the metabolic rate.
  • In vivo hormonal balance – fat accumulation to some extent due to hormonal factors, especially estrogen, cortisol and insulin, so having a good habit and healthy diet will help balance the hormones in your body.


It needs time to reach your goal

Whether you want to increase muscle, or lose weight, there is no quick way, any bodybuilding trainers are suffered several years of training, so achieving your goal is similar to the flowering process, you need constant learning and improving, need to keep the energy supply to the results, all above is based on the right way to make unremitting efforts.


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