How to Bulk Up with Training

Your specific training routine will depend on your fitness level and exactly what your trying to sculpt. But for the general purpose of building mass (and making sure that mass is actual lean muscle instead of fat), there are a few guidelines regarding your training that you should keep in mind:

  • Go for more reps, not more weight. Of course, you do need to be increasing weight as you adapt but you’ll stimulate far more muscle growth by doing more reps of a lower weight than a single rep of your max weight. So don’t always push yourself to the absolute max. Stay a little under your max so that you can do more reps.
  • Focus on form, not more weight or reps. We’re stressing this “don’t obsess about the weight” thing a lot because so many bodybuilders make the mistake of only focusing on this single aspect. But you are going to stimulate more muscle growth by doing each rep in perfect form. If you speed through it and lose form just to fit in a few more reps or to handle a little more weight, you aren’t stimulating muscle growth as effectively and you risk serious injury.
  • Do shorter sessions but more of them. If you are going to the gym just twice a week and justifying that by doing 2 or 3 hours sessions each time, you are holding yourself back. It would be better to do 1 hour or 1.5 hour sessions 4 or 5 days a week. Your muscles need constant reminders that they need to grow.
  • Shorten your rest periods. Between each set, try to keep rest periods down to 30-60 seconds. It’s ok if this means you do a shorter workout overall. As mentioned above, it’s better to do shorter sessions and more of them than it is to do a couple really long ones.
  • Develop the whole body. While you may feel that your biceps need more sculpting work than calves at the moment, you have to think of your body as a whole and develop all of your muscles together. In the end, they all work together to complete any movement. And your body looks better when everything is sculpted rather than being super bulky on top and skinny on the bottom.

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