A Guide To Safe Injection Technique



Most commonly, a 3cc (3ml) barrel is suitable,as it is for most athletes I know.

5cc(5ml) barrel also a choice if you get to a point that you’re using more than 3mls at a time.

Alcohol Pads




Injection Sites






Sub-Q Injections

 Which pins do I buy?
1).First of all,the smaller gauge number is, the thicker the pin is.

For example, a 21 gauge or 21g needle is thicker than a 25g needle. Typically, users use a 18-23g for drawing and 23-27g for injecting. This larger gauge for drawing allows you to draw quickly, switching to a smaller gauge allows you to inject with minimum PIP.

2).Using two separate pins for drawing and injecting.

3).Drawing oil can be a slooow process with a small pin.

The 20g is good for drawing, many users would like to inject with it!

For injecting,23g will probably better suit your needs which is a very common pin to use for injections. The smaller pin seems to reduce the amount of scar tissue build up.

Drawing multiple compounds

Use a draw needle. Without one, you will dullen your pin needle to the point that it’ll be very painful and give a pip.

Remove your pin needle and put on the draw needle.

Wipe all of the vial tops with alcohol swab, and let them dry.

If it’s the first time drawing from the vials, I inject 2-3cc of air into each vial.

Pick the “most important” compound to draw first. E.g. the one that I want the dose to be the most exact. Load the pin with that compound. Going down the line of importance, in the rest.

Switch back to pin needle.

Wipe down vial tops with alcohol swab.

For one’s first purchase, unless you are exceptionally lean, it’s best to stay with 1.5″ needles to make sure you inject deep enough into the muscle. Some shallower spots like the deltoids or pectorals can be done easily with 1″ needles.

Insulin syringes are used for subcutaneous injections, which means a shot into the fat between the skin and muscle. Typically insulin syringes are used for quantities up to .5ml, they can also be used to inject peptides such as GHRP-2 or insulin.



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